Lonely Planet Editions 2002-2009

On page 885 in the "Behind the Scenes" section in the 2009 West Africa Edition of the Lonely Planet (which was the last edition to have a section on Mali), author Anthony Ham writes a personal thanks to the Toguna Adventure Tours team: "Ogomono Saye was a terrific guide, wonderful travel companion and a valued friend who taught me so much about Mali - manga too!  The same applies to Azima Ag Mohamed Ali who took me to Araouane at considerable personal risk. Baba Mahamane was an outstanding driver and great company, while Karen Crabbs of Toguna Adventure Tous was also extraordinarily helpful."

We were recommended in the West Africa edition of the Lonely Planet Mali section every edition from 2002 to 2009 (pg 484) which was the last edition on Mali.